Workers Compensation

100 out of 100 business owners say they would like to lower Worker’s compensation insurance cost. It’s a no-brainer. The rising cost of Louisiana workers compensation insurance can be overwhelming for most companies. Canal HR Business Services has become a local leader in making Worker’s Compensation costs more manageable by turning huge checks into big savings.

How Can Canal HR Lower Your Worker’s Compensation Costs?

Because our employee pool is so demonstrably large, our significant group discounts have saved our clients thousands of dollars a year in worker’s compensation premiums alone. It is not unusual for Canal HR to save companies more than 21% on New Orleans workers compensation premiums on a routine basis. Canal HR is also a leader in aggressive claims management, and helping clients with safety programs.

If it’s time to shrink your worker’s compensation insurance costs down to a manageable size. Call us or fill out our contact form.

We’ve helped the following industries save meaningful workers comp coverage money:

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