How Canal HR Cut Workmen’s Comp Costs Dramatically

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), like Canal HR, enables you to concentrate on your core business while maintaining control of the day-to-day management of employees such as hiring, firing, promotion, demotion and client service. Behind the scenes Canal HR takes care of payroll tax administration, benefits administration, risk management and Human Resources support.

You focus on growing your business while the experts focus on non-revenue generating activities such as payroll processing and benefits administration.

Because Canal HR is in the business of employee administration, it can handle the administration of benefits, payroll taxes, regulatory compliance and human resources support more efficiently than a single business could on its own. This allows you to focus on your business, saving time and reducing your employer liability.

The buying power of Canal HR enable them to negotiate rates on things like Workers’ Compensation insurance and Health benefits that are typically lower than a single business could obtain on its own. These cost advantages are passed down to your business, saving you money and generally enabling you to offer a broader scope benefits to your employees.

Canal HR can help relive the liability that comes with payroll tax deposits, labor law compliance, fraudulent Workers’ Comp and Unemployment claims and more.  Canal HR shares the employer responsibilities of your business. In this co-employment relationship, Canal HR helps to alleviate the burden of employer risks, from background checks and accurate tax reporting to keeping you up-to-date on current labor laws and fighting fraudulent claims