What Can We Do For Your Company?

What Can We Do For Your Company? Canal HR is a licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO). When you outsource to us, we become your Human Resource Department. We will prepare your payroll, pay all employment taxes and file all quarterly and year end payroll tax returns, including W-2′s.

Our human resources outsourcing program provides worker’s compensation coverage with the support of our safety and risk management team, including our company nurse. Our Risk Manager can inspect your work-site for possible hazards and make appropriate recommendations. Our human resources outsourcing program will aggressively manage each claim and return your injured employees to work as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Canal HR can provide your company with a 401K plan that does not have any on-going administrative costs to your company. We also offer comprehensive major medical with prescription drug coverage, life and dental, including cost containment, rate forecasting and renewal rate strategies combined with top notch service. Get the “big company” advantage when buying employee benefits by joining the Canal HR team. Call or email us today for a free benefits checkup from our experienced professionals.

Listed above are some of the highlights of our PEO services that can free your company from time-consuming personnel management functions. Let Canal HR Business Services handle all the negotiations for worker’s compensation premiums, premium audits, and first reports of injury and claim’s management! You can devote your time to the true nature of your business. Call for (504) 837-8680, for a free consultation or submit your information now for a quote.